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Portable Wireless Bluetooth Audio Receiver Board

SKU 2505

This Bluetooth audio receiver board is able to give your amplifier/home stereo Bluetooth capability, with this board you won't need to be tethered by an Aux cord when you want to listen to music anymore!

It's powered by a Micro USB connection, the board requires 5V DC but if you want to solder your own power then you can. The audio output can be used with headphones, a loudspeaker or even connected directly to an amplifier.

It has three kinds of audio input: Bluetooth receive, USB decoding play, TF card decoding play. These can easily be switched between by pressing the "MODE" key. There is support multiple formats: MP3, WMA, WAV, FLAC.

The Bluetooth audio transmitter board has small membrane buttons for mode, volume(volume can be controlled from the phone or buttons on the board), next, previous, play/stop and sound effect(only valid under USB or TF card mode). Also has a small LED blinks blue when the Bluetooth connects successfully.