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PIC 18F4550 MCU

von Microchip
SKU 53

The 18F4550 from Microchip offers full speed USB 2.0. The chip has 16K of on board flash memory and runs at 12MIPS with a 4MHz external crystal. Using the internal PLL it can get up to 96Mhz. Fantastic value for the price. Can also be programmed in circuit.

  • Full Speed USB 2.0 (12Mbit/s) interface
  • 1K byte Dual Port RAM + 1K byte GP RAM
  • Full Speed Transceiver
  • 16 Endpoints (IN/OUT)
  • Streaming Port
  • Internal Pull Up resistors (D+/D-)
  • 48 MHz performance (12 MIPS)
  • Pin-to-pin compatible with PIC16C7X5