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Omega2 Relay Expansion

von Onion
SKU 2089

The Omega2 relay expansion allows you to control two other independent, external circuits using the Omega. The Relay Expansion comes with two relays so you can control lights or other electrical signals with the Omega2. The relays are rated for 2A @ 240V.

The Relay Expansion is designed so you can stack multiple Relay Expansions onto the same Omega. Each board comes with a small switch used to give it a unique address, and up to 8 Relay Expansions can be controlled by a single Omega. This means you can control up to 16 external circuits and devices!

Board Features:

  • Maximum Switching Voltage - 220VDC, 250VAC
  • Current Rating - 2A
  • Switching Power - 60W, 62.5VA
  • Switching Time - Typical: 1ms Maximum: 3ms
  • The Address Switch - allows you to change the I2C address of the board