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heART - a beating heart surface mount soldering kit

SKU 2577

This kit is the perfect way for beginners to get started with surface mount soldering techniques. The project will require you to hand solder 5 x 0805 LEDs, 1 x 0805 capacitor, an SOIC 8 pin IC, an SMD battery clip and a surface mount switch.

Once these are all soldered in place simply adding a CR2032 battery (not included) will bring this pendent to life and start its heartbeat. The battery should last over a week if left on continuously and much longer if switched off when not in use.

Kit contains:

  • 5 x 0805 Red LEDs + spare
  • 1 x 0805 Capacitor + spare
  • 1 x SOIC ATtiny85
  • 1 x PCB
  • 1 x SMD switch
  • 1 x CR2032 SMD battery clip


  • Soldering iron, a fine tip is best but a standard one is usable.
  • Solder, a fine gauge is advantageous but not necessary. 
  • Tweezers for holding the components.