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Please Note: Deliveries to EU destinations may be subject to import fees/taxes.
Please Note: Deliveries to EU destinations may be subject to import fees/taxes.

Grove - W600

von Seeed
SKU 3206

The Grove - W600 is a cost-effective 2.4GHz WiFi module for Arduino, build around the W600 Module, support 802.11b/g/n. This W600 Module features ARM Cortex-M3 with 1MB on-chip flash and freeRTOS kernel.

The Grove - W600 has one Grove connector, two buttons(reset & config) and three LED indicators(power/reset/wifi), and an onboard PCB antenna in the W600 Module. This module support AT command, so just plug the Grove - W600 into your Arduino compatible systems, it can enable the WiFi ability easily via the software UART. We also take the pins of the W600 chip out and put them on the back of the board, in case you need to use the I2S/I2C/SPI/GPIO pins(Seeeds library does not support this part).

The most exciting part is that with the help of Android / IOS apps it supports One Shot Activity function, which means you can connect and disconnect to a WiFi network by pressing a single button. What a convenience!

Seeed really believes the W600 is a cost-effect and powerful WiFi chip, and seriously consider it as an ESP8266 competitor. So they made it Grove compatible in order to further impress you. 

  • Supports IEEE802.11 b/g/n

  • Supports 2.4~2.4835 GHz

  • Supports Wi-Fi WMM/WMM-PS/WPA/WPA2/WPS

  • Supports multiple network protocols: TCP/UDP/ICMP/DHCP/DNS/HTTP

  • An integrated GPIO device controller

  • Supports for user‐programmable GPIO control

  • Supports AT+ instruction protocol based on ASCII encoding (UART interface)