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Please Note: Deliveries to EU destinations may be subject to import fees/taxes.
Please Note: Deliveries to EU destinations may be subject to import fees/taxes.

Animatronic Head Kit for micro:bit

SKU 3396

This kit provides everything you need (apart from a micro:bit and batteries) to make a talking animatronic head. Its eyes move and the head speaks from a MonkMakes Speaker for micro:bit.

Makeblock Software

MicroPython Software

Here are a number of coding examples using both block-based programming and MicroPython.

Example 1: Moving eyes forwards

Example 2: Crazy Eyes

Example 3: Robot Beeping

Example 4: Talking Robot

Copy and paste the code below into the MicroPython editor.

from microbit import * import random, speech sentences = [ "Hello my name is Mike", "What is your name", "I am looking at you", "Exterminate exterminate exterminate", "Number Five is alive", "I cant do that Dave", "daisee daisee give me your answer do" ] lips0 = Image("00000:"               "00000:"               "99999:"               "00000:"               "00000") lips1 = Image("00000:"               "00900:"               "99099:"               "00900:"               "00000") lips2 = Image("00000:"               "09990:"               "99099:"               "09990:"               "00000") lips = [lips0, lips1, lips2] def set_servo_angle(pin, angle): duty = 26 + (angle * 51) / 90 pin.write_analog(duty) def speak(sentence): words = sentence.split() for i in range(0, len(words)):  display.show(random.choice(lips)) speech.say(words[i]) display.show(lips0) def act(): angle = random.randint(0, 180) set_servo_angle(pin1, angle) set_servo_angle(pin2, angle) sleep(300) speak(random.choice(sentences)) set_servo_angle(pin1, 90) set_servo_angle(pin2, 90) sleep(1000) base_z = 0 while True: new_z = abs(accelerometer.get_z()) if abs(new_z - base_z) > 20: base_z = new_z act() if random.randint(0, 1000) == 0: # say something 1 time in 1000 act() sleep(100)