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Please Note: Deliveries to EU destinations may be subject to import fees/taxes.
Please Note: Deliveries to EU destinations may be subject to import fees/taxes.

AdaBox004 - Making Things Dance (ID: 3370)

von Adafruit
SKU 2309

AdaBox004 - Making Things Dance is the perfect gift for folks who are just getting started in the world of DIY electronics. It's an excellent addition to our family of Feather projects, and a great way to test the waters.

Please note! This is NOT the subscription version of AdaBox! This is ONLY AdaBox004 that shipped out to AdaBox subscribers in June of 2017. This version does not include Make: Magazine or AdaBox subscriber exclusive pin.

Sit down, strap in, and pump your Feather ecosystem up to 11. The last of our Feather-focused AdaBoxes has all the ingredients for a remote controlled music player, a Zen-inducing meditation machine, or your very own Radio Free Adafruit that streams tunes through the internet.

Please Note: This kit DOES NOT include the collectible pin, Make: Magazine.


  • Feather HUZZAH with ESP8266 WiFi - pre-soldered with Feather Stacking Headers
  • MusicMaker FeatherWing with Amplifier - pre-soldered
  • 3W 4ohm Speaker with wires stripped and tinned
  • Mini Remote Control
  • IR Sensor
  • Premium Male/Male Jumper Wires
  • USB Cable - A/MicroB
  • Half Size Breadboard
  • 10K Breadboard Potentiometer
  • SPDT Switch
  • 5V1A USB Power Supply
  • AdaBox004 component bag
  • A blank box - with which imagination is your only limitation

Visit learn.adafruit.com/adabox004 for AdaBox tutorials. Learn how to flash your SD card with a brief meditative journey with Adafruit's own BartleBeats!

Visit forums.adafruit.com/adabox to share your creations.

Check out adafruit.com/adabox004 for more information!