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Please Note: Deliveries to EU destinations may be subject to import fees/taxes.
Please Note: Deliveries to EU destinations may be subject to import fees/taxes.

2.7'' Triple-Colour E-Ink Display for Raspberry Pi

von Seeed
SKU 3300

This module is high contrast, wide viewing angle triple-colour e-ink Display for Raspberry Pi.  The e-ink screen displays images while powered on, however, the picture will not disappear after power off, and it can be displayed for a long time. The display area of this module is 2.7 inches which contain 264x176 pixels. Each pixel can display red, white and black.

E-ink screen also known as E-paper screen has lots of advantages compared with traditional backlight display like LCDs. It can display images or words like paper, even without any electricity, the image can last in a long time. Since it does not require a backlight, it can be clearly displayed in direct sunlight with very high contrast and ultra wide viewing angle.

The 2.7" Triple-Color E-Ink Display for Raspberry Pi can work as a Pi hat, you just need to plug the display into your Raspberry Pi via the Raspberry Pi GPIO header. The E-Ink communicates with the Raspberry Pi with the 4-wire SPI interface.

They have reserved a Grove I2C interface for using other I2C modules with this screen. They have also added a voltage conversion module to the screen so that you can use both 3.3v and 5v modules. And with the two user buttons, you can switch between different images easily.

Note: Does not come with a Raspberry Pi 3 or Raspberry Pi ZERO.

  • High Contrast
  • Ultra-wide viewing angle
  • Ultra low power consumption
  • Compatible with Raspberry pi 2 serial, Raspberry Pi 3 serial and Raspberry Pi zero